LinkedIn Is 4X Better At Converting Leads Than Twitter [STUDY]


Businesses use social media for a variety of reasons, but they often share one thing in common: they’re looking to convert likes, follows and connections into leads and sales.

There is a big debate in the social media world about which network and strategy works best to benefit businesses, but new data shows that LinkedIn might just be the network of choice for connecting B2B companies with their customers.

Web Ink Now reached out to HubSpot to determine the best social network for B2B companies, and found that LinkedIn produced the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate.

Of the 3,128 HubSpot B2B customers examined, LinkedIn generated a 2.60% conversion rate. This was four times the 0.67% rate that Twitter generated, and seven times higher than Facebook’s 0.39% rate.

If Facebook is the truly social network of the three and Twitter is the social information network, then LinkedIn is surely the social business network. Its main purpose is to connect employers with employees, coworkers to one another, and businesses to their clients.

It makes sense that LinkedIn would more easily convert visits to leads for B2B companies than the other networks, as people using it are likely more receptive to a business or sales-type message, and are more likely to be actively seeking out others in the business world.

And it also makes sense that Twitter would produce more leads than Facebook. Twitter is generally more professionally-inclined than Facebook, and a more suitable fit for most social B2B interactions.